I love writing 📝 first drafts on paper. But then, I enjoy the process of editing and publishing on the Mac. What’s the state of OCR these days?

For a book 📚 suggestion, I’m starting with The Hydrogen Economy. We have the technology to quit our dependency on fossil fuel. Actually, we had the technology 18 years ago, when this book was published. And with that, we can transform our economy into one that is more caring for our friends, our relatives, ourselves.

Today an incredible Italian musician passed. He was 48 and has been ill for many years, while still playing, conducting and composing. Here’s the first performance of his that I saw: YouTube video. Ezio Bosso, you deserve to be remembered. 🎵

Hello Micro.blog community! I’m very excited. I’m an economics student from Italy. I’ll be writing more about me once I get my bearings!