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about me: a cat named Fabio Russo

Thanks for visiting my small corner of the web. ☺️

I’m a MSc student of data science with a bachelor’s in economics, a thesis in econometrics and work experience in web design and journalism. I love theatre, dance, rpgs, technology and nonfiction. I’m Italian and an activist in consensual non monogamies. He/him.

A cat next to a computer with a terminal window shown on it

I have a very newfound love of pen and paper. As much as I am a technology enthusiast, I feel some nostalgia for keeping a paper diary and writing letters, which I love to do both.

I mainly write to learn. I found that writing for me is not a straightforward experience, particularly longer pieces, and yet it’s an experience I love. When I do write I often start reading, watching, listening. And after I publish on here, I love reading feedback of all kinds. The posts I’m most proud of are the ones that generated the most interesting discussions.

what I love

  • Dance (in theatre, particularly contemporary dance with an eye to original or innovative pieces with interesting choreographies, music and performers. On YouTube I like the Nederlands Dans Theater or the popular choreographer Travis Wall)
  • Theatre
  • Politics and activism (lgbtqia+ rights, intersectional feminism, data feminism, work, homing, economic and ecological reform)
  • Statistics, econometrics, data science and data science for society
  • Design, especially user experience design
  • Pens, paper, techos and other analogue tools
  • Steam Deck gaming when bored ☺️

a few things I wrote

Coming out as social scientists and admitting that AI poses risks shouldn’t be taboo. Risks are real. Personally, more than scenarios a-la-machines in the Matrix, I’m most worried about AI perpetrating historical unfairness and AI applying decision methods incomprehensible to people. We’re working to avoid that. And I would in fact like a wide agreement by AI practicioners to engage in trustworthy applications and research.

More to come soon!

contact me

You can contact me or comment my thoughts by:

  • finding me on micro.blog (requires signup),
  • commenting on your own space about one of my posts (usually requires a blog),
  • or by emailing me. I (still) love email. 🩵

I’m not a big fan of centralized social networks. I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn but purely for professional reasons, and on Insta because I watch dance. I much prefer to interact via the open web through the avenues above!

tech I use

about this website

This blog supports in its entirety webmentions. By webmentioning any post from your own blog (usually, a link to a post should suffice, but depends on the implementation) your words will appear as a comment to the relevant post on this website, and I can reply in the same fashion!


The best support I could ask for is feedback for what I write! However - should you wish to buy me a cold milk cappuccino, or some ink for my pen,

Enjoy the rest of your day. 🐱

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