I like it a lot when it’s the end of the day and I’ve run out of ink. 🖋

I think that @jakelacaze asked some months ago for good cards for thank-you notes friendly for fountain pens, but I can’t find that thread. Any reccomendations? 🖋☺️

Do my fellow 🖋️ enthusiasts know about the Lamy brand? Is the al-star a good, smooth writer? I was thinking of getting one.

My little writing nook. It’s raining outside, the sky is dark, but the light is on, it’s warm inside and I’m working for myself. No better feeling. Italy, 11:00. 📝🧠🖋

Bisected. I’ve been wanting to show my new pen 🖋. This is a blue Twsbi Diamond 580 ALR. Parts in aluminum give it a nice weight, the transparent chamber lets me look at my ink slowly emptying, expression of the effort and time invested on the page.

I now officially have a fountain pen. I feel empowered and cool with tones of vague nostalgia.