@cygnoir this is an interesting read as often happens with yours. I can say I often feel the same type of emotions about many things I would want to write about but end up not. Possibly I should write something about not writing some things, but already these same feelings are creeping up.

@jeremycherfas The first part of your reply is the dream of the free market solving every problem. I also used to dream that, mainly because it was taught to me. I've long since seen how much of an illusion that invisible hand is.

@jeremycherfas because the likelihood of a private company choosing equitable terms for this solution I would say is lower than if it was a government with welfare as a priority!

@gdp it is definetly not a good movie for gdp (gross domestic product)

@odd right but you see this is another thing. And in my country too. Why does youth think that they can't, or just won't, make an investment on themselves with more education, more formation, more sports, more human connections or whatever in the most energetic years of their life, instead feeling they have to go waste away at a fast food to feed the shareholders' bottom line and get peanuts in return for that work. Same thing here, where many young peeps during university feel like they have to work, even in the instances where they really really don't.

@jayeless Well, if I could eat once every 17 minutes without becoming a balloon, I also would. 🤣

@canion let us know. Maybe even some practical examples! I'm curious about this…

@KimberlyHirsh you are yourself a very interesting professional imo. Dunno about the netiquette here but I sent you a connect, feel free to disregard it!

@AlexKucera it sounds nice for you! It wouldn't work for me: I'd rather eliminate toxic platforms and balance the interesting media consumption.

@jean I have soft-quit it, I just open it because for some reason some people insist on messaging me there 🙂 Thanks for the book suggestion which I'll add to my to-read list (which is immense unfortunately, and I'm reading all the time!)

@khurtwilliams i think much of your criticism are actually fair points. I think there are some super interesting ideas in this (enormous) thread generally. However I do like the no-likes and no-quick-retweets/boosts. I would like a way to "boost" that is standard across and as such is easily machine-readable, but I also like the currently very involved nature of "boosting" someone's post, in which you do it with the "embed" function and possibly add a comment.

I do still swear up and down for community-finding features such as an opt-in directory of users by interest. That would be so good for building community and reducing that sense of loneliness here. And it still maintains that uniqueness to this platform.

@kerim not very user friendly, isn't it, when "how to enable the sync feature" is 3 preparatory steps before even creating an account and enabling the sync

@torb it's likely that if Facebook joins the fediverse, will dominate it. I'm not very optimistic about it

@pratik it's kinda shocking how the world's "beacon of freedom" is devolving into literal fascism