Why is abortion under attack in 2020?

So, italian healthcare specifics are left to the regions (administrative bodies that are sort of like american states, but with no sovereignty). One of our regions, the landlocked antique jewel that is Umbria, just cancelled the possibility of having a medical non-surgical abortion in a one-day hospital visit and mandated a required hospitalisation of three days. That goes against all recommendations by health authorities and by gynaecologist experts. That makes it harder for working women with precarious jobs to afford the procedure. And to top it all off, the decision was passed by the region’s governor, a woman.

I have no words and I stand with the right of everyone to freely and safely make decisions of their own body. Also, I advocate for the right to safely abort to be included in the declaration of human rights as part of rights to health.

Attacking rights to abortion just means attacking working citizens’ rights to abortion, as we all know, the wealthy can travel anywhere civilised to do it.

It’s 2020, by the way. And we’re lucky to be a European country. Why do we still need to say this?

(while reading up for this, I found that in one of our 20 regions, the beautiful Sicily, medical abortion is not even possible at all. Sigh.)


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