Those WWDC text recognition features look fire, but the question is precision…

A fun little illustration I found on the EFF website. I kinda vibe with it. 🙂

Ella Dawson writes a brilliant piece on sex and relationships on her blog. She’s also on the birdbox at @brosandprose. I loved her style and thought; how we should not treat poorly the act of hooking up as well as the partner. That we can not commit and still apply care.

We’re becoming paranoical perfectionists even though we’re always first to have two thousand faults. ~a friend

I want to have purpose, always, even in the face of suffering.

I think that language is not neutral. Representation of issues is itself part of the content. However, I think focusing on language is wholly unfruitful. We got issues to talk about.

I stand with trans people for trans liberation now. 🏳️‍⚧️

6 january 2021; the first coup attempt to overthrow with force the federal government in the history of the United States of America.

Right now US’ election hasn’t been called yet but my take away from this is that after watching Trump golf for 4 years, have the government kidnap kids and care more about his reelection than about people living through Covid, still 65 million people want 4 more years.

My little writing nook. It’s raining outside, the sky is dark, but the light is on, it’s warm inside and I’m working for myself. No better feeling. Italy, 11:00. 📝🧠🖋

I tried again, and I still can’t adopt it. I have the overwhelming feeling that I can’t work with it because I can’t justify the fairly high price (121$ incl. taxes / year for the remainder of my life) for the functionality, utility and simplicity.

I need any macos programmers to tell me: is it possible to write with Python (all I ~kinda know) a plugin for Apple Mail, where I push the button and it schedules the email to be sent at 9 AM the following working day? OK if the computer needs to be ON for it to happen.

It looks like the last european dictatorship will remain so, for the time being. 😠

I don’t particularly love flying but if there’s one thing I’m completely enamored with is the view from up there…

I can daytrip here. Battistero, Campo de’ miracoli, Pisa, sep 2019

Bisected. I’ve been wanting to show my new pen 🖋. This is a blue Twsbi Diamond 580 ALR. Parts in aluminum give it a nice weight, the transparent chamber lets me look at my ink slowly emptying, expression of the effort and time invested on the page.

Flow. What’s been my home for years now. Pisa, Italy, november 2019.

I’m generally not a big bug aficionado but this one was kinda cute and orange. Rome, July 2020 🐛

I read sometimes “retweets are not endorsements". But then, what are they? (in the view of those who think this.)

What email client do you all use on iOS or on macOS?

I have republished using the original article I wrote last year about polyamory. It’s a summary of what I say when asked to describe this relationship style! If anyone reads it and has feedback, I’d be super happy to listen. 📝🏳️‍🌈

I realised today it’s possible to be an extrovert with social anxiety. Is that me?

Do criticise my work.

Even if you think I’m way more knowledgeable than you.
Even if you think I might take offense (I will not).
Even if you think the mistake I’m making is stupid.

Do not turn off your critical reasoning for my sake. Please criticise my work.