By the way, ending discrimination and standing up for equal rights is not only a moral duty. It also makes sense for the progress of humanity, it makes economic sense and it promotes safety and well-being for everyone. History’s being made, let’s stand on the right side.

I now officially have a fountain pen. I feel empowered and cool with tones of vague nostalgia.

I delivered my bachelor dissertation yesterday. 📝 I’ve learned so much and I have so much to write about this experience of putting together my first ever semblance of a research paper. Right now though I just feel I need a 4 weeks vacation. I’ll see you all in August. 😉

It is not enough, it’ll never be enough, but today I put on a mask, went out, found a cute flower and took a picture. Here it is, in memory of George Floyd and all the human beings around the world who succumbed to injustice.

In Italy, one of the most barbaric business practices I’ve heard is the asta al ribasso (downward auction). Big grocery chains buy basic produce (tomatoes and other vegetables 🌱) by setting a maximum price per tonne and letting agricultural producers bid lower and lower prices in the hopes of getting the order. Sometimes this mechanism causes produce to be sold below cost, something that only the big producers can sustain, driving smaller farmers out of business and incentivising illegal work with sub-poverty wages. Does this happen anywhere else?

I love writing 📝 first drafts on paper. But then, I enjoy the process of editing and publishing on the Mac. What’s the state of OCR these days?

For a book 📚 suggestion, I’m starting with The Hydrogen Economy. We have the technology to quit our dependency on fossil fuel. Actually, we had the technology 18 years ago, when this book was published. And with that, we can transform our economy into one that is more caring for our friends, our relatives, ourselves.

Today an incredible Italian musician passed. He was 48 and has been ill for many years, while still playing, conducting and composing. Here’s the first performance of his that I saw: YouTube video. Ezio Bosso, you deserve to be remembered. 🎵

Hello community! I’m very excited. I’m an economics student from Italy. I’ll be writing more about me once I get my bearings!