Paging all webmasters: what’s a web analytics software that is not Google Analytics, privacy respecting, and free for a very small website?

There’s something worrying and pervasive in the European left that tries to pass that abandoning the Ukrainians to their fate is a leftist policy.

It’s not.

Can anyone explain it to me?

Strenuous jobs

We have legislation that recognises some benefits to those that work a “strenuous job” (IT: “lavoro usurante”). For instance, removing toxic substances, as well as working underwater as a diver, are strenuous jobs. However, the definition of strenuous right now is binary: either your job is or isn’t. We could improve the recognition of strenuous.

We should be able to recognise the strenuous periods of a normally “not strenuous job”. We should also allow ourselves to differentiate the intensity of strenuous jobs, so that everyone working in strenuous conditions should at least have their due recognition of those conditions and could see some benefits recognised.


One marginalist approach could be to assign a “strenuous” score to jobs, so for instance if a job has a 0.2 score, it means that one fifth of that job is strenuous. That could be either related to intensity, or to stressful weeks worked annually.

Many medical professions are definitely strenuous, at least some of the time, and yet they are never recognised as such.

By introducing a score, an idea that I borrowed from fuzzy scores, we could introduce recognition to these and more jobs.


Of course this is only one solution that I can come up right on the spot and I could already see a few political issues with it. Deciding the scores would of course be critical. From a political point of view this would be most definitely viewed as a marginal approach to the problem. More structural proposals could better deal with it.

If you can think of some alternatives, or if you have comments on this, please send them my way and I’ll happily talk about them! 😊

I think I should be talking more about morality, politics and culture on here. I am one of the people that doesn’t have the choice to engage in those or not. Without politics and culture, my physical and mental well-being would be actively at risk, every single day.


Fortune was not on our side on the night of 29 January, 1945.

Overwhelmed by numbers and by deceit of the nazists and fascists,

we of the 7th Garibaldi Command, fighting, here died.

But we tell you, comrades, that even stronger than regret for the life fleeting from us

was in us the cognizance of dying for your freedom.”

78 years later, remembering twelve partigiani fighting and dying for mine and my country’s freedom. More (in Italian)

Hey community, how about we introduce a tagmoji that indicates reshared content? When looking at people’s feeds I’m always left wondering if those links are original pieces or reshared pieces.

It’s been some time I’ve wanted to do a /now page but I’m always quenched by the reminder that once I do it it needs to be updated regularly. A sort of “template” for the page would be helpful, both in publishing it and in updating it afterwards. Is there any good one?

No setup. Slice of daily hustle, in this case slice of a working desk. 🖋️

I remembered I signed up for when I got the reminder for subscription end. It looked cool & fun, but unfortunately I had no use for it. And the concept’s weird imo because it scatters my content over several servers and sites I don’t own. Like Instagram, pretty much.

Attention as a commodity or attention as a gift?

Why the one, or why the other? Or can my question be reframed entirely? Hit me with your words.

(a question which I equate to Instagram vs and other decentralized online networks)

So after an internet vote organized by PolyamProud and votes from 30k consensually non monogamous people, a new flag for the polyamorous movement was selected. Here it is, I like it ☺️ 🏳️‍🌈 and → a link to the flag download page.

If I have to give an opinion on Wednesday… it looks like it makes a hero out of her. Characters I like are those full of humanity, not so much those who excel at everything they try.

  • fencer
  • highly acrobatic
  • fighter
  • super smart
  • visions that solve the season’s case

Meh 💔📺

I’ve been told that I might be particularly susceptible to abuse by a street psychologist that then proceeded to subject me to light psychological abuse. I think that’s hilarious. 🧠

How does love work in non-me people, exactly? I have the very limiting circumstance in which I only know how it works for me.

Today I was wondering about some of my relationships, so I started writing. And I write and write and there comes a 3 A4 pages piece. Then I proof read it. And I realize that the answer’s already in there. I wrote it… And still I don’t realize it.

One thing I’ll miss about Twitter are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s honest takedowns of all the many hypocritical GOPers that scheme to get votes by fanning the bigoted and discriminative cultural war going on over there.

As a non-American myself I absolutely didn’t know D.L. Hughley however he really seems to be a person that speaks truth to power! The title of this video is a comment on the Biden presidency… that actually is one of the least interesting things he said.

I think that deleting Twitter will be a great great first step in deleting all my centralized social accounts. This whole mess is just the nudge I had never realized I needed. 😀

About the Twitter acquisition deal: it’s clear now who Musk is and what politics he espouses (e.g. the recent “peace proposal” for Ukraine) - nevertheless Twitter board only cares that the proposed price is good and consents to acquisition. Good for users? Board doesn’t care.

It’s hard for me to write anything not-deadly-serious lately. Feels silly to not write about political situation in Italy (which is concerning) or war in Ukraine (heartbreaking) etc. I aim to write smth big~ish about those and then try to mentally-archive this horrible feeling.

I’m kinda in a weird headspace right now, but everything’s kinda ~ fine. Hopefully things will look up soon.

Homemade iced latte macchiato, the best drink for a warm Italian summer. ☕️

Facebook’s latest (production!) version of their AI chatbot spews fake news about American politics, @gruber reports. Many Facebook users will think that FB’s chatbot might have particular authority as it belongs to the platform itself.

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