How does love work in non-me people, exactly? I have the very limiting circumstance in which I only know how it works for me.

Today I was wondering about some of my relationships, so I started writing. And I write and write and there comes a 3 A4 pages piece. Then I proof read it. And I realize that the answer’s already in there. I wrote it… And still I don’t realize it.

One thing I’ll miss about Twitter are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s honest takedowns of all the many hypocritical GOPers that scheme to get votes by fanning the bigoted and discriminative cultural war going on over there.

As a non-American myself I absolutely didn’t know D.L. Hughley however he really seems to be a person that speaks truth to power! The title of this video is a comment on the Biden presidency… that actually is one of the least interesting things he said.

I think that deleting Twitter will be a great great first step in deleting all my centralized social accounts. This whole mess is just the nudge I had never realized I needed. 😀

About the Twitter acquisition deal: it’s clear now who Musk is and what politics he espouses (e.g. the recent “peace proposal” for Ukraine) - nevertheless Twitter board only cares that the proposed price is good and consents to acquisition. Good for users? Board doesn’t care.

It’s hard for me to write anything not-deadly-serious lately. Feels silly to not write about political situation in Italy (which is concerning) or war in Ukraine (heartbreaking) etc. I aim to write smth big~ish about those and then try to mentally-archive this horrible feeling.

I’m kinda in a weird headspace right now, but everything’s kinda ~ fine. Hopefully things will look up soon.

Homemade iced latte macchiato, the best drink for a warm Italian summer. ☕️

Facebook’s latest (production!) version of their AI chatbot spews fake news about American politics, @gruber reports. Many Facebook users will think that FB’s chatbot might have particular authority as it belongs to the platform itself.

404: responsibility not found.

So damn shocking that we can see the little silhouette of entire galaxies outside of our own on those space photographs. So shocking and inspiring.

Can we get a little closer? Like to see them better.

Does anyone ever end up completely randomly on a nice blog reading a cool take on one of your favorite tv shows (Sherlock) but the author doesn’t have any about page or any way to contact them, so you can’t reach out and tell them how cool their take was?

We all agree privacy is great. (And possibly, a fundamental human right.) But which specific topics are you only comfortable talking about on a privacy-respecting platform/medium?

I wanted to try something regarding data. Data science enthusiasts, data analysis professionals, evidence-informed activists and decision makers, machine learning and AI researchers, data visualization designers and developers, and more… Are you here on 🔬

Welcome to all new faces. I hope some of you become passionate about the indieweb and our slice of it 🙂

I think that @jakelacaze asked some months ago for good cards for thank-you notes friendly for fountain pens, but I can’t find that thread. Any reccomendations? 🖋☺️

HTML question and paging all web designers 🔧 what’s your preference for the href="" url in a link? my.url/folder or my.url/folder/? (assuming that I have an index.html in that folder that will get displayed.)

I feel a pit in my stomach. Waking up to this is heart breaking …

I think I can do a sweeping statement. I don’t like any tabletop role play game which features a master’s screen.

We’re not two opposite sides of the table. We’re all equal, we’re just all playing different roles. 🕹

I wish that all app designers and makers shared publicly what languages, libraries and other technologies they used to make them. That’d be particularly interesting for me for macOS/iOS apps since I’m starting to look into learning about that. 🖥