@manton got it. Looks difficult to navigate. I probably wouldn't stay at a company that trusts their employees so little that bans political (and social?!) speech. I want my employer and my coworkers to be actively just, not passive. However, the writeup by DHH seems reasonable too, particularly don't equate one very stupid, very (racially) white mistake to the roots of terrorism. Feels like there's more under the board. The way forward I would have chosen is "we stand for inclusion, we PLAN and ACT for inclusion and we clearly label mistakes as such, without the need to burn people on stakes, but WITH a need for continued responsibility and accountability." More practically how to foster inclusion is hard, but surely as heck is not by banning political speech.

@manton was their choice on company policy so badly received? I'm not up with the internetverse

What is the threshold? Between victims and accomplices? What is the minimum level of involvement in the political process to be a good citizen? What is the influence of biased and corrupt media on public opinion? These are questions I'm deeply interested in @JohnPhilpin

@macgenie that video's an absolute treasure. I didn't even know the song, but that was super fun.

@JohnPhilpin I mean the EU's institutions are generally made up of competent people. Not sure who thought they were slow.

@JohnPhilpin that's a no from me. If I want to pay that much for email, I would have kept Hey (and paid less)

@alans Nice!! The Eco is great and great value too. I like mine almost more than my Diamond 580…

@manton I tried SUP, I couldn’t for the life of me just stand up on it, I found it one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried 😂

@Gabz “but with cats” might be the most effective marketing, on me, that could ever be conceived.

@cdevroe I agree. It almost feels sacrilegious to use it day to day. I mean, until two months ago I was using the pens I am given at conventions and now…?

This particular one is a bit defective in the nib, though. Scratchy. I hope I can solve this.

@manton Agree with @Cheri, I absolutely enjoy not having hashtags, the focus on personal connections (which is a spirit that must be sought and upheld by the community or it dies) and i like tag-mojis as a super-light directory system for posts. I wish we had some more!

@maique Ye I understand. Sometimes I sleep really badly and those days, it's a coffee fluid drip for me.