@JonLillie I don't necessarily talk about programming on my blog but I am a data scientist student working with python and some latest technologies 😄 welcome

@pratik well I buy the Techo + cover directly from the manufacturer and then just the Techo the following years until I want to get a new cover. So far I have 1 cover only, a nice blue outside with light green inside

@Mtt I have an address over there but I realized after setting it up I never actually shared it anywhere or with anyone. So it seems like it's not for me 🤷‍♀️

@annahavron I came to read you after your micro monday podacst! I think that tech has been dead set on reducing friction in everything but possibly one of the reason analogue feels so different and possibly better is indeed the more friction required.

@jean yeeeees? Yes yes yes. I study computational statistics but at my lectures I take notes on a paper notepad with a fountain pen, I prefer to read paper books when it's an option, I still go to libraries to borrow and read, I ask real people for directions when lost, I play badly a completely analogue acoustic guitar, I prefer pen and paper roleplay games on a table over videogames 😀

@jayeless great post! Nice to read you! A possible idea for a balanced timeline could be: a list of users who posted recently, ordered reverse chronological based on who posted the most recently, but only one post for each user and an expanding box under each that when clicked opens other recent posts.

@danielpunkass sometimes I think I could never be among the richest people in the world, because I could never have so much hubris

@cygnoir ahhhhh that's a characteristic of many of my inks but it does make writing on a planner a bit harder. Write appointment while thinking "don't smear" -> immediate smear 🤣

@canion good point, to which I might add the joke about this guy being about "free speech". Might I say, classic right-wing free speech: free for me but not for thee

@pratik "people with emotional problems who use Twitter battles as a substitute for therapy" have you read anything about this that I can read as well? You've put into words what I sometimes think ☺️

@Munish definitely web on a laptop computer. So far the smoothest experience of all the various apps

@jameskoole i like the popups a lot, but yea for sure maybe a brief delay. On specific platforms it would be awesome if popups were triggered by special actions (e.g. on mac by "force touch" on a profile picture, on ios on long press on the same profile pic, etc…) this would effectively solve the problem of seeing unwanted popups

@pratik the financing effect for campaigns might cancel each other out, but the political influence on legislation? Doesn't cancel anything out unfortunately, it just ensures effectiveness if special interests have bought politicians from both parties.