@cdevroe I agree. It almost feels sacrilegious to use it day to day. I mean, until two months ago I was using the pens I am given at conventions and now…?

This particular one is a bit defective in the nib, though. Scratchy. I hope I can solve this.

@manton Agree with @Cheri, I absolutely enjoy not having hashtags, the focus on personal connections (which is a spirit that must be sought and upheld by the community or it dies) and i like tag-mojis as a super-light directory system for posts. I wish we had some more!

@maique Ye I understand. Sometimes I sleep really badly and those days, it's a coffee fluid drip for me.

@maique As an espresso aficionado myself, two right after waking up would me my brain go brrrrrrrrr.

@dominikhoecht for as stunning as fiction is, reality is more 😀

@macgenie must be a single word? Can be a question?

@Burk how can we be on the internet and not have a tagmoji for computer sciences? 🖥 🙂

@Cheri I agree. I think about «the Mentalist», a procedural from some time ago, which was delightful but mostly due to the acting and character we saw on screen. Plot was with few exceptions not very impressive…

@manton Hey Manton, the app looks fantastic, would it be a good idea to merge this with the standard iOS app? Way easier to mantain and innovate on one app than 2.

@ianbetteridge I don't think Hey should be a platform. It should just be an app. But I'm glad that it exists, it might spur some innovation in other email.

@erick Yea, privacy is a big concern for me as well regarding email. That's one of the reasons I'm very hesitant to use non official clients for my email.

@baker That is what I use, but I'm looking for an upgrade. Features feel super slow to come. I considered, but ~122€/year is way too much.

@Zacb for sure… also, the feeling that my idea and my person are separate entities

@cygnoir those are fantastic. I'm struggling a bit because I wanna use multiple colours but have only one pen. Cleaning it every time I switch is cumbersome.

@kimberlyhirsh how are you interested in data science? I'm an econ graduate and want to go there professionally, but have few ideas at the moment.

@manton in all honesty mate you've done an amazing job on just a 13 inch screen. Looking forward to more from the 16 inch. 🙂

@endonend @rishabh my question is if the price is worth paying long term. It's $100/year and when choosing an email provider we should think ahead, so it's 100/year for the remainder of my life. I use the excellent icloud mail that already doesn't monetise my data and I fail to see why I should sign into this.

@rosefox I want a public global database for all the businesses in the world, divided by country, that have ever fired anyone for being queer. Light is the best disinfectant.