@JohnPhilpin I’m not sure if that model is what Brave does, it surely is what Medium does. I think I understood that the end plan for Brave is that the user decides who to give the BAT token to. Not sure if it works like that right now though.

An exchange to buy credits or tokens doesn’t need to be tied to advertisers in any way. I buy the tokens, pay with them, the publishers can sell them to get cash. It would be great if the exchange took as little fees as they could. Right now, token exchanges take quite a lot.

@susan I agree. But we also need structural change though, because not everyone can afford to buy responsibly

@JohnPhilpin I'd love that idea, but done at an inter-publisher level, so that I'd buy those credits on independent exchanges and not on specific publisher's websites. Something like Brave browser's trying to do, although I'd say they have a very long way to maturity.

@help can we perhaps have some scientific tagmojis in discovery? I'd be interested in one for economics and one for finance for sure 🙂

@jessy I'd be super interested in the concept! Unfortunately the time wouldn't work for me, super busy few weeks coming up…

@SteveSawczyn I checked it out, but it's quite simple, it just posts the details of books to our blogs, which doesn't take much effort to do manually. Also, on click it links to Amazon's shop…

@SteveSawczyn I would also like to know this. I'm not a fan of giving my data to Amazon. Maybe @macgenie knows something?

@manton fantastic on the markdown import. Could it support also stub/url front matter to get consistent links?

@kimberlyhirsh this was interesting. The Austin Kleon post too. I have so much trouble starting a new book. I don't know, I'm almost afraid I'll like it.

@cygnoir @canion it is wonderful to hear but it's also worrying that many things in the world like pollution and work flexibility have improved for the better and the spark for that had to be a deadly global pandemic…