@hollyhoneychurch thanks ☺️ Pisa is way too warm today but with the privilege of good friends, music and water it seems a fantastic day to read and write for the Uni. How is your corner of the world??

@cygnoir Lochby Field Journal refills, these look nice, however unfortunately (or luckily) I can't buy from US without getting charged 5 to 10 times the amount in shipping and duties. I am doomed to save my money in this occasion. 😋

@JohnPhilpin yea, same. If they go forward with this Electron nonsense I'll just slowly start to revert back to icloud keychain, which has gained functionality in the last years and is starting to become viable. The problem with Electron apps is: they are s l o w.

@Gaby I mean Electron's not bad itself, when one is on the latest version, but I hope you agree that there's a real big issue with late adoption. When they're constantly behind on Electron versions, an app will never have the latest native features from that OS. And having a layer between OS and app means that every developer has to wait for Electron to update, then work on adapting that latest version (often not trivial), before they can start working on native new features.

@benjohnson I think it's a great value. I could be enumerating the advantages he shall have in life, but I won't give spoilers.

@manton in the final schedule can you perhaps list the general topic of talks, next to the names? I'm not deep into the microsphere and the names don't ring a bell.

@mypenneedsink not sure about my expectations of smooth, I use Twsbi that are supppper smooth at any price range. Many have said that Lamys they dry up super quickly tho.

@annahavron German or not isn't a factor, but thanks for the impression on the Lamy! I also have a Japanese nib and most of the time you should just go one size bigger. Will check out Online, they look fun

@vanessa always happy to support small manufacturers if I can - and who knows if this cute Procyon will ever behave

@vanessa Right! However the Platinum - I have a Procyon, very beautiful little pen, however does it write horribly - starts and stops continuously after I've been writing for a few minutes. Store says nothing's wrong with it. Thanks for the Gravitas suggestion! The look is fab

@jessekelber nothing specific, thanks. I bought a Platinum Procyon and it really disappointed me. I'm thinking of getting the Lamy to try new brands.

@jean tremors suck… I don't think you would not be qualified for this tribe, anyway, I think it's about passion, not necessarily the most perfect writing! But oh, count me in as a pen and ink enthusiast 😀 neeeeed a Discover emoji tag now, we're a legion!

@manton got it. Looks difficult to navigate. I probably wouldn't stay at a company that trusts their employees so little that bans political (and social?!) speech. I want my employer and my coworkers to be actively just, not passive. However, the writeup by DHH seems reasonable too, particularly don't equate one very stupid, very (racially) white mistake to the roots of terrorism. Feels like there's more under the board. The way forward I would have chosen is "we stand for inclusion, we PLAN and ACT for inclusion and we clearly label mistakes as such, without the need to burn people on stakes, but WITH a need for continued responsibility and accountability." More practically how to foster inclusion is hard, but surely as heck is not by banning political speech.

@manton was their choice on company policy so badly received? I'm not up with the internetverse

What is the threshold? Between victims and accomplices? What is the minimum level of involvement in the political process to be a good citizen? What is the influence of biased and corrupt media on public opinion? These are questions I'm deeply interested in @JohnPhilpin