@mcg not sure I have 2 hours but thank you for the interesting link; I absolutely hate NFTs, but once again not ready to trash blockchain just because every grifter in town is drawn to it

@pimoore for me, the choice will be the same, but the reason is the killing of the native macos app.

@mcg right, for sure those things can be done with alternative techs too, I'm not sure tho if a tech can be discounted just because you can do the same with another tech. About financial vehicle -> there are so many projects that survive just because of the good heart of their mantainers. If grants can be automatically spread around and are guaranteed to also reach small mantainers, I don't see that as such a bad thing. Grift - sure, that's the part about the announcement that looks fishy to me. Lots of talk about financial conditions of the mantainer that don't really matter to the general public. The writing lacks the connection between the financial conditions of the mantainer and the announcement of this new tech/platform. And the fact that "tea" is already a company with venture investment - definetly not a good sign. Personally I'm not ready to embrace blockchain in software packages and will watch further developments, but not ready to discount it either

@mcg I'm not a crypto evangelist but what is horrible about that "tea" project? The announcement is super weird but the idea in itself looks interesting and the reasoning and consequences look ok

@pratik I like the TWSBI Diamond 580 AL if it's in your price range. F nib feels great on it, also they are absolutely beautiful to look at if you enjoy looking at ink and aluminum mechanics. My Eco with F nib has a bit of a "scratchy" writing feel; if you wanna go with lower price range than the Diamond, I do really suggest maybe another Lamy Al-Star in a finer nib and different color XD

@Cheri it's definitely good to see, however the downside for the corporations is so small as the ruble exchange rate has tanked

@JohnPhilpin ah, that excerpt looks way more eloquent than that other title. Definitely tons of spaghetti thrown at walls in crypto. Possibly NFTs as used today will fail. Still disagree that crypto will end up like Napster!

@JohnPhilpin also the article is very "question mark" to me. I'm not a crypto evangelist or anything but saying that crypto is dead is simply asinine and baseless; central banks all over the world are exploring blockchain technologies

@canion I see. Personally I'd pay for SavvyCal rather than for Fantastical, because imo the Fantastical guys didn't do good on their customers with that switch to subscription they've done, especially after charging quite a bit of money for the app and a separate payment on each platform - mac, ipad, iphone.

@canion how do you find SavvyCal? Bit expensive for just a feature of a service, but maybe…

@manton great! Could also work this way: "Themes" - "All other plug-ins" - easier to navigate

@JohnPhilpin wow great points there. There's definitely much to discuss and some to worry about data. I'd love to start a conversation about some of these points

@martinfeld oh wow!! I'm super humbled and grateful my post spawned this. Will read and comment asap. Thanks so much for the discussion. 🐱 and a +1 on conversations here being unburdened by artificial limits.

@ohBananaJoe by the way thank you for reacting to my humble review, I really appreciate discussing this.

@ohBananaJoe I am sure I misunderstood many things and I look forward to learning more. “Nobody touch my baby” not a good reason to make a movie. If you don’t wanna do it let someone else take the shot. Or not, but then you don’t get to use the unwillingness to do it as the justification and free pass on why the movie’s bad.

“Warner bad” cool on a Hollywood interview, not as a fresco on 10 minutes of runtime. And sure movie as an expression of the filmmaker’s mind is great, but good movies have more. This doesn’t.

@khurtwilliams they could have done so much with it. Even the story told in dialogue about the machines having a civil war lets you think. Let’s imagine not only artificial life created by the human kind, life that wars us, but then wars against itself? Why we not watching that?

@cygnoir by the way “Criminy” in Italian reads just like the word for “felonies”. Plural. 🥰