@JohnPhilpin oh well, I'd do it with Python programming, one just has to recognize the structure of the json file and then map that structure to the corresponding elements of markdown. I'd see it as a conceptually not so hard task, but somewhat time consuming. Or very time consuming perhaps.

@cygnoir hehe, no worries, I also was and will be super swamped this current month so I couldn't help much. Possibly when things are calmer… 🙂

@odd @pimoore Hi!! Sorry to get back at you so late. We'll surely give back to our community a few takeaways, asap. Would you also be interested in the meetings? If so please email me your email address to be added to the mailing list ☺️

@manton I think we're buying our mil satellites from the USA, are they telling us that that's a capability that US-made satellites have? 🤣

@pratik yep. Also the only thing that can happen if wages don't keep up. Inflation's such an awfully regressive tax.

@jean I'm a very new trekkie! In the last couple months I watched 6/7 seasons of TNG, a couple of old school films. I did watch each of the 3 "rebooted" films when they came out, was not impressed, except for the very good performances by actors. The old stuff has way more meat to it.

How often do I check… - email: every hour or so, mobile notifications are on - twice a day, mobile notifications are on - Twitter: never, mobile notifications are on - Facebook: twice a day

I don't have RSS, TikTok, Mastodon. My stats indicate with high certainty that I (still) love email. @cdevroe

@mroutley those two pieces look fun and I'm glad to know that we can't reject the null hypothesis for friday the 13th 😁 I'm not sure if I have super small reach or there's just us two interested 🙂 still, nice to find you!

@cygnoir heeey I did miss this. I'd be in for participating (time zone permitting) and if I can help in some way, I'd be glad to!

@mroutley hi! Why? There's lots of stuff that I would really like to share if there was a niche of enthusiasts

@aa Noice. I think you're welcome to use 🖋 for stationary as well and… what is it?

@ayjay for real. By the way - how darkly ironic it is that we're surprised by a human enterprise built for a human scale.

@mcg absolutely valid position. I think already blockchains do unique things in the financial space; whether those things are good for our societies - that's the question I'm most interested in and I'm not sure about the answer.