@canion good point, to which I might add the joke about this guy being about "free speech". Might I say, classic right-wing free speech: free for me but not for thee

@pratik "people with emotional problems who use Twitter battles as a substitute for therapy" have you read anything about this that I can read as well? You've put into words what I sometimes think ☺️

@Munish definitely web on a laptop computer. So far the smoothest experience of all the various apps

@jameskoole i like the popups a lot, but yea for sure maybe a brief delay. On specific platforms it would be awesome if popups were triggered by special actions (e.g. on mac by "force touch" on a profile picture, on ios on long press on the same profile pic, etc…) this would effectively solve the problem of seeing unwanted popups

@pratik the financing effect for campaigns might cancel each other out, but the political influence on legislation? Doesn't cancel anything out unfortunately, it just ensures effectiveness if special interests have bought politicians from both parties.

@pratik I agree with some of your view Pratik but might I say that a politician's job should also include shaping support, not just passively reacting to it. Also, one thing is the support of your electorate, one thing different altogether is the support of corporations that are your campaign financiers; perhaps reducing the influence of money on top elected officials should be a priority for everyone.

@JohnPhilpin thank you. I didn't want to critique the freedom to express a non-expert view on anything (I'm the first to do that); I wanted to spotlight the feeling of needing to express an opinion on anything, feeling that is IMHO entirely created by the interaction of the human personality existing on internet social networks.

Have you ever felt that you had to say your view on a certain news of the day? On a cultural hot topic, like vaccines, immigration, inflation?

I would just try to blunt that obligation to express ourselves on anything in the internet social sphere, an obligation that I know many feel, if subconsciously.

@Cheri I really really like your sentiments here, @Cheri! While reading I had a thought: how about you privately write all you want, then select a couple paragraphs and only post those for the world wide web?

@scojjac oh, thanks for highlighting this. I was looking into them myself for an electric motorbike but this is kinda troublesome.

@jean and Star Trek, 😜 about which I'm happy to report to have initiated Jean maneuver Watch Lower Decks.

@JohnPhilpin I err on the side of thinking people are clever rather than dumb. Forging opinion is super powerful - I hope others are reading our exchange for instance, so that they might get a different perspective on this topic… Positively influencing their opinion maybe?…

@JohnPhilpin I think I know - or at least can hazard a credible guess. It's all about convincing the general public that data isn't worth a thing, just an obscure thing that you shouldn't worry about, just leave it to nerds and statisticians. So that the public looks elsewhere while others get rich off of it.

@JohnPhilpin I guess some export options are there just to comply with the EU's GDPR so they just need to give the data, don't care how u use it / if you can use it… 😅 (which is already a great step forward, as it's still all our own data that they are required to provide us)

@JohnPhilpin oh well, I'd do it with Python programming, one just has to recognize the structure of the json file and then map that structure to the corresponding elements of markdown. I'd see it as a conceptually not so hard task, but somewhat time consuming. Or very time consuming perhaps.