@manton Hey Manton, the app looks fantastic, would it be a good idea to merge this with the standard iOS app? Way easier to mantain and innovate on one app than 2.

@ianbetteridge I don't think Hey should be a platform. It should just be an app. But I'm glad that it exists, it might spur some innovation in other email.

@erick Yea, privacy is a big concern for me as well regarding email. That's one of the reasons I'm very hesitant to use non official clients for my email.

@baker That is what I use, but I'm looking for an upgrade. Features feel super slow to come. I considered, but ~122€/year is way too much.

@Zacb for sure… also, the feeling that my idea and my person are separate entities

@cygnoir those are fantastic. I'm struggling a bit because I wanna use multiple colours but have only one pen. Cleaning it every time I switch is cumbersome.

@kimberlyhirsh how are you interested in data science? I'm an econ graduate and want to go there professionally, but have few ideas at the moment.

@manton in all honesty mate you've done an amazing job on just a 13 inch screen. Looking forward to more from the 16 inch. 🙂

@endonend @rishabh my question is if the price is worth paying long term. It's $100/year and when choosing an email provider we should think ahead, so it's 100/year for the remainder of my life. I use the excellent icloud mail that already doesn't monetise my data and I fail to see why I should sign into this.

@rosefox I want a public global database for all the businesses in the world, divided by country, that have ever fired anyone for being queer. Light is the best disinfectant.

@jeffmueller I will too. And I'll say so publicly, just like you are.

@gregshortdotcom Cool! Well I like it a lot, no idea how it compares to others, but it's very smooth and easy to write with. More details when I'll need to take it apart for cleaning.

@JohnPhilpin they might be applying statistic methods to get that figure. That is why it's "between 0.5% and 1%", because it's an estimation. But they should publish their full findings when making those assertions. Now, absolutely not to defend UK's government response to Covid which has been abysmal and criminal.

@Bruce I actually wanted to start with fountains and planned to get an entry level one, all because @cygnoir showed her cool writing with an amazing ink that has me spellbound. Not sure yet about which pen

@Bruce yep, got GoodNotes as well, but I'd like to write super-papery. 🙃 Nice to online-meet you